Christina Medeiros

Trust & Safety Manager

Trust, security, and safety are very important to us at Frontdesk, and we hope to demonstrate those to you. We employ a professional cleaning staff, local managers, and 24/7 support for our guests and our neighbors. 

Noise levels are monitored throughout the day and night through a secure device, called NoiseAware, and dedicated personnel to ensure there are no disturbances.

Ways to Reach Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. No matter the length of stay, we require identity verification as well as a criminal and terrorist background screening.

We advertise our suites here on our website. We also market them on websites like Expedia, Airbnb, and Booking.com

You can reach us via call or text on our dedicated neighbor hotline, +1-414-209-3277, or email us at neighbors@stayfrontdesk.com. To help mitigate any issues, our overnight Trust & Safety staff closely monitors all noise levels to ensure that quiet hours are being respected.

Yes! We invite you to stay in a Frontdesk Guest Suite at a 20% discount. This can also be used for your friends and family.