Meet Frontdesk: Senior Guest Experience Manager

Meet Kimberly, one of Frontdesk’s Senior Guest Experience Specialists and Cleveland Guest Experience Specialist. Kim embodies all of Frontdesk’s core values but especially “Wow Our Guests”.  Our brand reputation is critical for long-term success and it’s built one guest at a time. Without Kim, our guests would not have a delightful human experience. In Kim’s free time, she enjoys traveling (she’s been to 48 states and plans to knock out all 50!) and is a wizard at home improvements. Read more about Kim and what she does at Frontdesk below.

Tell us about your role, what do you do at Frontdesk?

Senior Guest Experience Specialist and GES for [Cleveland]. I oversee the guest experience of 11 Frontdesk cities and 7 GES’s. I help out with any escalations that arise that may require further direction so that our guests leave with a satisfying experience.

How long have you been working at Frontdesk?

I started in January, 2020.

What were you doing before Frontdesk and what brought you here?

Prior to Frontdesk, I was a General Manager for Hilton for 12 years. I left the hotel industry in 2019 to open up a kids developmental gym for children on the spectrum. I found that I missed the action of hotel life and was hired part-time as the Guest Experience Specialist for Houston. I quickly fell in love with the industry and the culture at Frontdesk. After COVID shut my business down indefinitely, I took a full-time role with Frontdesk.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The unique day-to-day experiences that arise. There could be 12 inches of snow in a city one day that you are handling guest interactions for and the next, it’s messaging guests about a tiger on the loose in Houston (real Frontdesk event).

What has been your biggest learning experience since starting at Frontdesk?

The short-term rental industry is ever-changing and evolving in different cities. Learning the ins and outs and how they differ from the hotel industry has been quite a learning experience.

What surprised you about working at Frontdesk?

The culture at Frontdesk is so alive yet so remote. When you meet co-workers in person for the first time it feels like you are already family.

What advice would you give to future employees of Frontdesk?

View each day as an opportunity to learn something new and contribute your ideas. It is through your growth that Frontdesk becomes stronger and the leader of the industry. 

What are your hobbies/what do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy reading, hiking, traveling, and home improvement.

Favorite Frontdesk city and why? Any recommendations of places to visit in the area?

Saint Louis is always a great place to visit. The Arch is amazing to look at and the food is mouthwatering. Add in the free zoo and a river cruise and it makes for a fun time for the whole family.

Bucket list place to visit and why?

Alaska and Hawaii are my last two states to visit in the US!

Ireland – heritage homeland