Introducing ID Verification

ID Verification is now standard on all Frontdesk reservations. Here at Frontdesk, we value safety, security, and comfort above all. Criminal Background Screening has always been one of many standard security measures at Frontdesk-managed rentals but now, we’re excited to introduce ID Verification on all of our reservations, regardless of the channel a reservation is booked through. From Airbnb, Expedia, Vrbo, Zillow, and others, you can feel confident knowing we’ve not only screened our guests but also verified their identity.

What is ID Verification?

ID Verification, or Identity Verification, is the act of validating that the identity provided by a customer matches their actual identity, typically by reviewing a customer’s government-provided identification such as a driver’s license or a passport. ID Verification aims to protect those transacting online against fraud by ensuring accurate identities are provided.

Why is ID Verification important?

Identity verification is a key component in detecting fraud. Fraudulent and stolen identities are usually an early indicator of further criminal activity. Despite the increasing popularity of self-check-in systems, the risk of providing access to criminals remains high without a proper Identity Verification system in place. With ID Verification, we’re able to reduce the risks associated with fraud, verify the age of a guest, validate the information used for our criminal background checks, and ultimately ensure a more safe and secure community.

Who gets ID-Verified?

Frontdesk verifies the identity of the primary guest on all reservations in addition to its W2 cleaning and management staff. In short, we do not provide building or unit access codes to anyone who has not been ID-verified.

How does ID Verification work?

When a guest attempts to place a reservation with Frontdesk, regardless of the channel, they are restricted from viewing our unit entry access codes to our short-term rental suites until we have verified their identity, among other checks in place. For example, on Airbnb, Frontdesk accepts only reservations where the guest has proven their identity using Airbnb’s ID Verification tool. On all other channels, a guest must upload their proof of identities securely through Frontdesk’s ID Verification tool. We have partnered with Stripe for its secure identity verification technology. Stripe handles billions of transactions with world-class security and identity verification.

Once the identity of the potential guest is verified and the name on the ID matches the name on the reservation, among other risk scoring measures, Frontdesk will confirm the reservation and provide access codes prior to check-in. Once a reservation is confirmed, the ID Verification Status and the Criminal Background Screening Results will instantly appear on our secure Frontdesk Partner Portal to our multifamily partners with valid login credentials.

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Frontdesk's Partner Portal Screening

What else does Frontdesk do to ensure safety and security?

ID Verification is just the start. At Frontdesk, we value safety, security, and comfort above all. We offer the same 12-point safety and security standards to all Frontdesk apartment communities.

Criminal Background Screening

Identity Verification

Secure Building Access

Guest Risk Scoring

Certified Staff

Partner Portal

Insurance Protection

Resident Discounts

24/7 Compliance Enforcement

24/7 Active Noise Monitoring

24/7 Boots on the Ground

Stay tuned during the next few weeks while we dive deeper into each one of our 12-point Frontdesk standards.