National Wildlife Day

Happy National Wildlife Day! The goal of today is to focus on endangered species, preservation and conservation efforts around the country. National Wildlife Day encourages us to improve our awareness of not just the species around us, but of other corners of the world as well.

Often, the best way to see and appreciate animals is by visiting a zoo. What some people may not know, is that many zoos across America have a strong emphasis on conservation, education, and taking action to protect species across the world. Read on what the zoos located close to our Frontdesk suites are doing to help animals near and far from home.

Photo from the Official Instagram of the Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo

Conservation is at the core of everything that the Pittsburgh Zoo does on a day-to-day basis. They are currently running a social media series called Destination Conservation. The series shares stories and highlights the zoo’s conservation efforts and projects across the globe.

The Pittsburgh Zoo also has an aquarium and they recently partnered with several organizations to resue 10 stranded manatees in Charleston, SC. It was a three-day operation and the manatees were transferred to warmer waters in Florida.

Photo from the Official Instagram of the Saint Louis Zoo

Saint Louis Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo has been saving endangered species for years. Their team travels all over the globe and even established the WildCare Institute within their own zoo. The Saint Louis Zoo is also placing emphasis on how climate change has been affecting animals.

The change in climate has affected  36% of the animals that are in the care of the Saint Louis Zoo. If these animals were to return to their natural habitat, the change in climate would make it difficult for them to survive.

Columbus Zoo

The Columbus Zoo consistently ranks as one of the nation’s top zoos. Not only do they have a great zoo that provides open spaces for the animals, but they also care deeply about wildlife outside of the zoo. They are currently running a mission-driven campaign focused on leading and inspiring people to connect to wildlife. The mission will continue through 2025 with the goal of raising $38 million.

Once the Columbus Zoo achieves that goal they plan to transform the zoo’s education in the following areas:

  • Education & Access
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Habitat Transformation

As of August, the Columbus Zoo has raised $28 million dollars from 2,300 donors

Photo from the Official Instagram of ZooTampa


ZooTampa is home to more than 100 species that are either extinct or in danger of becoming extinct. The zoo treats several of Florida’s endangered wildlife species, including Key Deer and Florida Panthers.

They also place a great emphasis on caring for the manatees at their Manatee Critical Care Center. It’s one of only two nonprofit manatee hospitals in the world. ZooTampa’s efforts have resulted in the successful release of more than 240 manatees.

Photo from the Official Instagram page of the Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Zoo

Commitment to conservation is a common trend among our nation’s zoos. The Kansas City Zoo is no different; they showcase their commitment to conservation through their ongoing efforts. The zoo sets aside a specific amount of money each year from their admission and membership sales, in addition to raising even more money through educational programs.

In addition to their monetary efforts, staff members from the zoo are always focusing on conservation projects in the field. They have rescued marine mammals, polar bears, penguins, swans and many more while also participating in anti-poaching initiatives.

Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo’s mission is to empower people and communities, both locally and globally, to advance animal conservation. The zoo lives its mission each day by recycling, increasing the population of African elephants and rare iguanas, and much more.

Here are just a few of the specific projects the Indianapolis Zoo is working on:

  • Amur Tiger Conservation Project
  • Macaw Recovery Network
  • Northern Rangelands Trust
  • Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

If you’re in the Indianapolis area stop by and see all the zoo is doing to benefit the wildlife.

Photo from the Official Instagram for the Louisville Zoo

Louisville Zoo

The Louisville Zoo is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019. Throughout all 50 of those years, the zoo has been focused on preserving wildlife. They work with specific conservation partners to ensure they are living out their mission of “Better the Bond Between People and Our Planet.”

The Louisville Zoo contributes a portion of their ticket and membership sales to conservation. They also work with Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE).

Photo from the Official Instagram of the Memphis Zoo

Memphis Zoo

The Memphis Zoo has a specific vision for their future. That vision is to become an effective and internationally recognized leader in the conservation biology field. To further their efforts, the staff at the Memphis Zoo is working on creating one of the top U.S. zoological research, conservation, and education facilities.

Dallas Zoo

Much like the Columbus Zoo, the Dallas Zoo also places great emphasis on wildlife, specifically it’s conservation. Although the zoo isn’t currently running any events specifically targeted towards the wildlife, it does do a Corks for Conservation night each March.

Visitors of the Dallas Zoo get a chance to visit the zoo after hours, sip on wines from South Africa and most importantly celebrate the wildlife. All of the event’s proceeds go directly to the Dallas Zoo conservation efforts.

Turn Observing National Wildlife Day Into a Family Weekend

There are so many great zoos across the country. One of the best ways to observe National Wildlife Day is by taking advantage of the educational programs and experiences these zoos have to offer. All of the zoos listed go through great lengths to protect wildlife all over the globe. Take a trip with your family and learn how you can do your part to keep our wildlife safe.

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