Say Hello to a New Frontdesk

Hello, world! 

We are thrilled to be unveiling the new face of Frontdesk with you all today. If you know about us already, thank you for your support! If you have never heard about Frontdesk, we couldn’t be more excited to meet you. 

We are proud to say that (as of the time of this post) in our short two-year lifespan as a company, we have achieved… 

0 +
furnished apartments within dozens of the best communities across the country
of the coolest U.S. cities and neighborhoods, and counting!
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stays with the most amazing guests who keep coming back
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teammates working hard to ensure outstanding guest experiences

Under the Radar

Over the past few years, we have been heads-down, quietly and persistently building an incredible company. So far, our sole focus has been on building a great product and experience, with zero dollars spent on marketing. Today we are officially coming out of stealth mode, and we are thrilled to show you the new Frontdesk.

The New Landscape

Our company, Frontdesk, is changing the face of both hospitality and real estate as we know it today. We offer securely-managed short-term stays at the best apartments in the best cities, catering to both business and leisure travelers. Until now, travelers have had to choose between stuffy hotel rooms, or unpredictable Airbnb-style stays. Frontdesk bridges the world between short-term and long-term stays in urban apartment communities with custom-built technology, a value-driven culture, and flawless execution, to create a secure and consistent experience for all.

Frontdesk Guests Can ALWAYS Expect

Our Commitment to Excellence

We can truthfully say that our greatest achievement over the past two years has been the meticulous selection of our 50+ highly skilled teammates, and the culture of service that has formed around these amazing contributors. At the center of the Frontdesk culture is our shared mission to “always do the right thing,” which explains the success we’ve seen thus far. We believe that people are good by nature, and that leading with honesty and integrity is the best recipe for long term success and sustainability… because good people want to do business with good companies. We believe this philosophy is the driving force behind our:

We look forward to hosting you, partnering with you, or otherwise serving you now and into the future.

From all of us at Frontdesk, welcome!

Are you planning a trip to one of our incredible city destinations? Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, Frontdesk has you covered! Our gorgeous one- and two-bedroom short-term rentals provide everything you need to enjoy your stay, no matter where you are. Book with us today!